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RON  MULLER is widely recognised as an outstanding professional artist and teacher. He has been a tutor at the Doncaster Templestowe Art Society for many years and has conducted numerous workshops in Australia and overseas, particularly Tuscany and France.

Ron has a diverse background and education including Mechanical Engineering and Theology and  most of his working career has been in Personal Management. He has always had an artistic ability which was guided as a student of the late C. Dudley Wood, an eminent Australian watercolourist. Ron has been largely self-taught, developing a unique style that aims to capture the light, atmosphere and natural beauty of the Australian landscape. He is influenced by the Romantic tradition which inspires him to capture particularly the light of the early morning and late afternoon, to create “visible poetry”.

Ron has won numerous awards and was featured in a cover article of the ‘Australian Artist’ and again was recently featured in the prestigious international magazine 'The Art of Watercolour'. He has had many successful solo exhibitions and been a judge at many Rotary Art Shows.